The smallest camera in the range, this is an incident record body-worn camera

Weighing in at just 27g it offers HD video recording and live streaming via WiFi. It can be worn on clothing with a robust, easy to use clip and is activated by a quick button press.

The VT50 can operate in standby mode for upwards of three months and automatically uploads any video footage after a recording is made.

It can be assigned to staff via RFID, often using existing staff ID cards, providing a full audit trail showing who has used the camera.


Key Features

  • Small user-friendly camera, easy to wear on clothing
  • Easy to use record button with recording status LED
  • Optional live video and audio streaming into our BS5979 Category II 24/7/365 Alarm Receiving Centre.
  • Optional live video and audio streaming back into the customer organisation
  • RFID assignment of devices to staff through existing ID cards
  • Automatic upload of video and audio via WiFi or networked charging dock
  • Users cannot access encrypted video recordings via the camera
  • Wide lens capture angle
  • Single-camera or 14-camera charging dock accessory
  • Excellent battery life with three-month standby
  • Lightweight – just 27g
  • Compact size – 42mm x 42mm x 16mm
  • Custom branded sticker options