Body-Worn Video Solutions

Leading the market with live streaming body-worn video solutions

Reliance Protect’s body-worn video solutions enhance incident deterrence, accelerate incident response decision making and provide powerful evidence capture.

Deterrence Deterrence

Increasingly, studies are showing that in various environments including NHS wards, retail, hospitality and public transport, wearing an overt body-worn camera greatly reduces the likelihood of verbal and physical assault against the wearer.

Streaming Streaming

As well as recording video and audio footage in high resolution, Reliance Protect’s range of body-worn cameras can stream live footage, viewable by authorised individuals within the customer organisation or in our BS5979 Category II Monitoring Centre. Here incidents are monitored, live, by our skilled and experienced SIA licensed operators, enabling faster decisions on the most appropriate and effective course of action.

Devices and Tools



The smallest camera in the range, this is an incident record body-worn camera. Weighing in at just 27g it offers HD video recording and live streaming via WiFi. It can be worn on clothing with a robust, easy to use clip and is activated by a quick button press.

The VT50 can operate in standby mode for upwards of three months and automatically uploads any video footage after a recording is made.

It can be assigned to staff via RFID, often using existing staff ID cards, providing a full audit trail showing who has used the camera.

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Key Features:

  • 72g – lightweight design with multiple clip attachment options
  • Size – 80mm x 51mm x 22mm
  • Easy to use record buttons with LED and haptic feedback giving recording status
  • Optional live video and audio streaming into our BS5979 Category II 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre
  • Optional live video and audio streaming back into the customer organisation
  • RFID assignment of device to staff through existing ID cards
  • Automatic upload of video and audio via WiFi or networked charging dock
  • Users cannot access encrypted video recordings via the camera
  • Wide lens capture angle
  • Single-camera or 14-camera charging dock accessory
  • Excellent battery life with three-month standby



VideoManager is a powerful web-based software tool for managing video footage, system users, and your inventory of body-worn cameras.

This web-based back-office gives you complete control over your entire complement of body-worn cameras making the creation of evidence-ready footage fast, simple and secure.

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