Environment Agency

Environment Agency

Since choosing Reliance Protect, the government department is better able to reassure its lone workers of immediate support and assistance in the event of a workplace injury, threat or emergency.

Safety challenges faced by the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency’s 10,600 employees work across 16 areas to protect and improve Englands environment. Its remit ranges from regulating industrial waste to treating contaminated land, overseeing water quality and managing flood risk.

As with all publicly funded bodies, the agency has to optimise use of its resources while safeguarding staff from work-related risk in line with increasing environmental, health and safety regulations. It therefore wanted a robust personal safety solution to step up 24/7 support for field-based staff such as scientists, engineers, assessors and enforcement officers operating alone in remote or potentially high-risk locations. The solution would need the resilience to ensure reliable connectivity no matter how remote the location.

Reliance Protect's solution

After conducting a meticulous review of its needs, employee risk profiles and available solutions, the Environment Agency signed a three-year contract under the Reliance Protect Framework for 480 Identicom GPS and incapacity, impact and non-movement detection devices. It combines a fully managed service with high-performance personal protection devices, fully approved to BS 8484.

In order to increase the safety and security for lone workers within the agency, Reliance Protect delivered advanced technology to give field-based staff immediate assistance in a wide range of scenarios. The incapacity, impact and non-movement detection capabilities of the lone worker devices needed to be robust, therefore additional capability to automatically alert the 24/7 monitoring centre in the case of injury or user incapacity was ensured. The nationally agreed framework set by Reliance Protect has the flexibility to meet a wide range of requirements, suiting the individual and diverse needs of employees in the Environment Agency. To minimise management and administration for the agency, the comprehensive care package includes support, training, and archiving of recordings, alongside guaranteed SLAs and KPIs.

Through the Identicoms, users can discreetly activate a live audio link to the dedicated 24/7 Reliance monitoring centre. An expert responder can access the live audio, locate the user and take appropriate action, including escalating the call to the emergency services, while recording everything that takes place.

The incapacity, impact and non-movement detection features have the additional capability to automatically alert the monitoring centre in the case of injury or user incapacity. Advanced signal processing analyses tilt, immobility and any sudden impacts. This, in addition to a rip alarm and discreetly operable red alert, helps to detect an employee in difficulty, and triggers an alert activating the live audio link, while minimising false alarms.

The Reliance team worked with the Environment Agency to ensure that implementation, device delivery and training were carried out efficiently, while setting clear compliance levels and usage measures, supported by the strong Framework SLAs.

Benefits of the Reliance Protect lone worker solution

The cost-effective Reliance Protect solution is making it easier for the Environment Agency to mitigate risk, meet its duty of care and create a safer working environment for its field-based employees. With industry leading standards and resilience, the service guarantees users of a rapid response, wherever they are, day or night. This, in turn enables the agency to maintain the quality of employee care it needs to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce. The lone worker solution is compliant with the UK's most stringent regulatory standards. The Environment Agency have enhanced their care for field-based staff and lone workers with additional support in the event of slips, trips and falls type incidents. The cost-effective fully managed services, including incident management and reporting, is compiled into one comprehensive service package, backed with clear SLAs and KPIs.

“We've been consistently impressed with the collaborative approach taken by the Reliance team. Feedback across the organisation has been positive, with both managers and staff experiencing and understanding the benefits of the Reliance Protect lone worker service and devices.”
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