Connect Smartphone App

Connect is our new lone worker safety smartphone app and is available on Android and iPhone platforms.

Connect packs all we know about lone worker safety into a simple to use app. It is designed for staff who are exposed to relatively low levels of, and low frequency of exposure to, risks associated with lone working. Connect also negates the need to carry a separate personal safety device.

Key Features:

Red Alert

Generate a two-way audio call with the Reliance Protect Alarm Receiving Centre whenever you feel at risk or want assistance

Update voice memo (previously known as Amber Alert)

Leave verbal update recordings with our Alarm Receiving Centre, detailing location, nature of risks and tasks to be performed.

Monitor check in and out options

Users can check in and out covering situations of heightened risk.  This could be a task with say a 30 minute timer, to covering a whole 9 hour shift.  If the user doesn’t check out, the Alarm Receiving Centre will proactively contact the user and check they are safe.  This function works even when the phone is out of mobile phone coverage.

Latest location technologies

Utilise the power of the latest smartphones to provide quick and accurate location information to help us get assistance to you.

Fall and impact detection options

Connect can detect falls and impacts, go into a pre-alarm stage and then escalate into a Red Alert alarm on the user’s behalf if the user is incapacitated.

Monitor - User feedback via discreet vibration patterns

As well as on screen confirmation of actions, Connect also confirms certain actions and notifications through vibration patterns such as alarm activations and check in timer overdue.

Bluetooth Panic Button

Connect can be used with Bluetooth panic buttons to raise Red Alerts and Monitor check in/out for added convenience and safety.  The Bluetooth panic button can be worn in a watch strap or simple clip to attach to clothing.