Powerful Online Portal

Reliance Protect offers its customers a powerful and secure online portal providing a wide range of features to help with the deployment and management of our solutions. The portal is designed for users, managers of users, contract administrators and contract managers, providing access to information and updates.

Accessible information for management

Users and managers can access and update information on user details and escalation contact details.  Team managers, contract administrators and contract managers can view incident information including Reliance Protect operator notes and associated audio recordings.

Training and reporting available in online portal

Access to our feature rich e-learning platform is also available via the portal.  The e-learning portal has a variety of courses that are assigned to users and managers, consisting of videos, animation and commentary.  The courses are split into lessons, each lesson having a test that requires passing before moving onto the next lesson.  Successful completion of the course generates a certificate that can be downloaded.  Customers have full visibility of staff activity on the e-learning platform via extensive reporting options.