Reliance Protect Monitor

Pro-active monitoring services - enhancing remote lone worker safety

Monitor, a unique new range of services for lone workers in potentially risky situations, enhancing our already market-leading lone worker protection service.


Across our range of bespoke personal safety devices and smartphone apps, Monitor delivers an additional layer of security and reassurance for lone workers going into unpredictable environments, with or without mobile phone coverage, and helps employers deliver their duty of care under Health and Safety and related regulations.

Monitor can also be used in combination with Reliance Protect's well-proven incapacity, impact and non-movement detection options, which mitigates incapacity due to illness and accidents, as well as trip, fall and similar risks.

Simple to Use

The new service is simple and straightforward to use. Lone workers check in on the Reliance Protect service when starting their working shift or before going into risky situations or areas. The change in user status is registered on our systems.

On safely finishing the working shift or safely exiting the hazardous area or situation, users check out, returning their status on our systems to normal.

Should a worker fail to check out within a certain time-frame, the Reliance Protect systems will automatically raise an alert, activating a pre-set escalation process to assess the worker's situation and provide assistance if needed. This escalation is managed through to resolution by highly skilled and experienced Reliance Protect Monitoring Centre staff.

Broad range of applications

Monitor can be used for short time periods eg 30 minutes to cover risks associated with tasks such as home visits and site inspections through to covering entire shifts eg 10 hours providing the reassurance that staff have safely finished their working shift. Monitor is therefore ideal for engineers and maintenance staff working remotely visiting sites especially where mobile phone coverage is poor. Monitor can also provide real benefits for a broader range of field and mobile staff such as healthcare workers, and enforcement and assessment officers.

These workers and others like them often find themselves in situations of heightened perceived, potential or actual risk, for various reasons, including the nature of their physical environment, separation from colleagues and the general public, and the nature of the clients and others they work with.

Such risks, and the pressures on workers facing them, can be compounded by poor mobile phone coverage. Monitor addresses these issues, giving workers and their employers the security and reassurance they need.

Monitor is available as an option on all new Reliance Protect contracts; existing customers can easily upgrade their service to include the new capability.

Monitor at a Glance
  • Additional layer of reassurance for lone workers and managers, enhancing effectiveness and productivity.
  • Enhanced ability to meet duty of care requirements.
  • Works in areas of poor or no mobile phone coverage.
  • Monitor options across the range of personal safety devices and smartphone apps.
  • Further minimises the requirement for in-house lone worker procedures.
  • Fully integrated into the wider Reliance Protect lone worker safety solutions.