Management Information

Accurate, comprehensive and timely Management Information is a fundamental part of ensuring a lone worker contract is providing maximum benefit to the organisation and service users. Reliance Protect can generate reports for different stakeholders, including team managers, contract administrators and overall contract managers. These reports can be delivered in a variety
of formats and frequencies to suit.

A range of reports
to suit all needs

Our range of reports include:

  • Monthly summaries covering the past 12 months usage highlighting trends
  • Individual staff monthly usage summary reports
  • Detailed individual staff usage reports by time and date
  • E-learning progress and status of staff
  • Audit reports on user details and escalation contact details
  • Red Alert alarm reports
Analysis of key
trends and metrics

Risks to consider for lone workers include:

  • Staff usage patterns
  • Incidents by type and cause
  • Poor mobile phone coverage issues
  • Device last used dates and unallocated devices
  • Colour coding to quickly highlight areas that may require further investigation
  • Examples of good usage
Flexible reporting

Usage reports are split into sections and are available in PDF and Excel formats.  Excel offers customers the ability to manipulate and further analyse the data, and import into internal systems.  Usage reports are typically issued monthly and are automatically emailed directly to nominated managers, team leaders and contract managers and administrators.  Reports can be set up for individual teams and for overall contracts. Our reporting platform is extremely flexible and can cater for complex multi team and multi report recipient requirements.

Accuracy in all reports

Ensuring user and escalation contact information is up to date and accurate is essential to deliver the safety service.  Audit reports detailing this information can be requested at any time and we encourage regular reviews of this information as good practice. Red alert alarm reports detail all the steps taken by the Reliance Protect alarm handling operators in handling any genuine alarm incident through to resolution.  Details include alarm pick up time, when the user and/or escalation contacts were called, when the emergency services were called, when the alarm was closed and the background to the situation.  All actions taken by our operators are time and date stamped for audit purposes.