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Rykneld Homes housing service cares for employees

Delivering maintenance, management and improvements for a massive 8,100 homes and neighbourhoods on behalf of North East Derbyshire District Council, Rykneld Homes is committed to the provision of first class housing services. Extending this philosophy of excellence to the protection of its employees, Rykneld Homes adopted Reliance Protect to safeguard employees working across a range of job functions.

All-inclusive and flexible solution from Reliance Protect

With engineers often working alone at risk of slips, trips and falls and housing officers facing the threat of verbal and physical abuse, Rykneld Homes needed a flexible and cost effective lone worker solution to improve staff safety. By selecting Reliance Protect, Rykneld Homes were able to leverage the public sector ‘Framework Agreement’ and eliminated the need for an expensive and time-consuming procurement process.

The framework offered Rykneld Homes a proven package of services including device, airtime, 24/7 monitoring, training and support all for a fixed monthly fee. As a busy housing association, Rykneld Homes needed a comprehensive management support package to avoid its own staff spending time managing devices or compiling reports. Reliance Protect ticked all the boxes, comprising a dedicated account manager, comprehensive automated monthly reports and 24/7 service desk with the ability to replace lost or faulty devices quickly, at no extra cost. With all housing staff required to wear identification while working in the community, the Identicom™ devices, disguised as ID badges, suited the various working practices of 200 Rykneld Homes frontline employees.

Arriving on site or embarking on a community visit, employees leave an amber alert advising the Reliance Monitoring Centre of their location and nature of work. If staff feel threatened, they can discreetly activate the red alert alarm. Upon activation, Reliance staff monitor and record everything that takes place and respond appropriately. Should the threat begin to escalate to violence, the Reliance Protect monitoring team call the police and other emergency services if required, while archived recordings are stored for any future legal proceedings. Equipped with automatic 'incapacity, impact and non-movement detection' functionality, if the device is motionless for a defined period or tilted through 75 degrees, the unit vibrates continuously and if not acknowledged, automatically opens a red alert to the Reliance Monitoring Centre.

“The Reliance Protect framework enabled us to eliminate a costly and time consuming procurement process, while offering a package of BS 8484 compliant lone worker services,
already tried and tested by the NHS.”
Jenny Daff, Senior Procurement Manager at Rykneld Homes

Efficient health and safety

By adopting Reliance Protect, Rykneld Homes has enhanced the safety and security of its lone working staff while strengthening its health and safety policies. Rykneld Homes provided the ability for their staff to safely raise alarms when at risk, with GPS tracking to locate staff in the event of an incident. The lone worker solution is fully BS 8484 certified, guaranteeing an emergency response when required, alongside legal evidence of any verbal and physical attacks. The comprehensive service package ensures improved incident management and reporting, with the duty of care and compliance to regulatory standards being uphehld, giving peace of mind for managers and staff.

“The Reliance Protect service is brilliant; the service desk team is responsive and everything is done in a timely and efficient manner, from training dates for new starters through to replacing devices. A weight has been lifted off our shoulders knowing staff can be located in the event of an emergency.”
Kaye Jackson, Human Resources Officer, Rykneld Homes Download Case Study