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All Reliance Protect customers benefit from the unrivalled support
provided by our highly experienced and passionate training team.

Reliance Protect is the UK’s most successful, widely deployed and comprehensive lone worker protection service. All customers benefit from the unrivalled support provided by highly experienced and passionate training team.

Most organisations now employ remote, mobile and lone working staff to varying degrees. But where do you start when looking to ensure safe environments for these staff? How do you control, minimise and eliminate the associated risks?

Reliance Protect has been leading the industry in delivering lone worker solutions since 2009 when we were selected to the be the preferred supplier for one of the largest mobile workforces, the NHS. We appreciate that our solutions are only part of the toolkit deployed by organisations proactive in ensuring lone working staff remain safe regardless of the environments they work in.

How can Reliance Protect better support organisations wanting to revisit and implement robust risk assessments, effectively communicate lone working policies to staff, empower and upskill staff through training whether that’s staff at the coal face or maybe managers of lone working staff looking for support and advice on implementing local level initiatives?

We have teamed up with Worthwhile Training.

Worthwhile Training have created a series of training workshops and courses for Reliance Protect, designed for senior managers, local managers, team leaders and lone working staff. Covering key areas such as managing lone workers, personal safety, managing conflict and aggression, working safely in people’s homes and fulfilling your roles and responsibilities. Courses can also be tailored for any given organisations’ requirements with train the trainer options available.

This range of courses and flexible approach overlays our comprehensive range of Reliance Protect standard solution training options delivered through dedicated, specialist trainers via face to face, web conferencing and e-learning.

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