Monitoring Centre & Technology
Lone worker solutions need to constantly evolve and adapt.

Reliance Protect ensures that it is at the forefront of assessing, developing and delivering personal safety solutions.
Reliance Protect's
Monitoring Centre

All Reliance Protect solutions are all underpinned by our state of the art BS 5979 Category II Monitoring Centre operating 24/7/365. The alarm handling team are dedicated operators who are experts in interpreting events, validation of incidents and will act decisively to protect the safety of your lone workers. They all have specialised training in handling activations, de-briefing and counselling after incidents.

We can guarantee escalation to the highest police response levels where this is appropriate via Lone Worker Unique Reference Numbers (URNs) in place with the UK’s Police Forces, obtained through our BS 8484 accreditation.

All incidents are recorded, all actions taken are fully auditable, and managed day or night through to resolution.

Our Technology

The technologies and systems adopted and developed by Reliance Protect deliver enhanced features and benefits for lone working staff and managers. Utilisation of location technologies and mapping technologies can provide quick and accurate user location information both indoors and outdoors. This can be further enhanced with geo fencing capabilities to identify when staff enter and exit environments with specific identified risks.

Advanced features can allow users to proactively check in and out with Reliance Protect to cover periods when exposed to heightened risks, whether for a few minutes or many hours. Have remote staff finished work and got home safely at the end of the day? We have this covered as well.

Our supporting systems provide exceptional service resilience and also provide a rich seam of management information to help users and managers maximise the usage and effectiveness of service.