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How Can Reliance Protect Keep Retail Workers Safe?

Retail workers are increasingly facing the risks of verbal and physical aggression. Despite retailers experiencing a reduction in footfall over recent years, there has been a serious increase in assaults on UK retail staff.

Reliance Protect is the UK’s number one personal safety solutions provider for retailers looking to safeguard their employees. We’ve been protecting lone workers and safeguarding organisations since 2006, making us one of the most established and trusted solutions in the UK. We help retailers to take effective steps to safeguard staff whilst creating a pleasant and inviting environment for customers.

VT 100

The VT100 packs all of the features of the VT50 in a slightly bigger, more overt form factor with the option of incorporating an ID badge card. It offers the same record and stream options as the VT50, via a simple button press, but has a wider range of clothing attachments and clips, and can record video for longer periods of time.


The next generation body-worn camera. It offers the latest technologies including 1080p HD video, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, GPS, and supporting companion smartphone app.

convenience store trolly

A recent trial by a leading high-street retailer highlights the difference that Reliance Protect’s body worn cameras can make

The trial took place over 12 weeks in eight stores that had been identified as having an increased volume of antisocial behaviour, shoplifting and violent or aggressive incidents

The results of the trial were powerful, including:

  • 81% of participants said that they felt the body worn cameras had improved their safety
  • 72% of staff felt safer wearing body worn cameras
  • 58% of respondents felt generally safer at work
  • Five out of the eight stores had experienced a decrease in overall incidents