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Lone Worker Devices & Apps

Our devices and apps are at the heart of our services. We continuously develop our devices and apps to ensure they deliver market leading performance, are intuitive and easy to use, and are robust enough to withstand the toughest of environments.

ID Ultra

The ID Ultra incorporates the latest technologies to set new standards in lone worker device performance and usability. With dual locating technology (WiFi & GPS) the ID Ultra is a first in lone worker safety devices, locating user positions quickly when indoors.

ID Ultra’s ID badge holder form factor remains the most discreet option to raise alarms for people at risk of aggression from others. The device’s waterproof IP67 rating, fall and impact detection and enhanced timer-based check in and out capability make it a great choice for those working in more challenging, isolated environments presenting risks associated with traditional slips, trips and falls.

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Our ID Ultra personal safety device was awarded the Best Use Of Technology accolade at the British Security Industry Association awards 2021


Incorporating the latest 4G technology with an increased level of monitoring and enhanced locating technologies, the Pulse+ is the most advanced key fob personal safety device on the market. With an IP67 water proof rating, incapacitation detection and small, tactile form factor, the Pulse+ is the ideal choice for a wide range of user applications.

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Compact, and dust and water resistant, Pulse is styled as a key fob, allowing it to be worn or carried discreetly. It’s large SOS alarm button makes it simple and easy to call for assistance when necessary. Excellent battery life and GPS location performance, coupled with non-movement and impact detection, further add to its convenience.

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Reliance Protect Lone Worker Safety App

The Reliance Protect lone worker safety app is packed with safety features based on over 15 years of delivering lone worker safety solutions to organisations in the UK.

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