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Body Worn Cameras

Reliance Protect’s body-worn video solutions enhance incident deterrence, live stream accelerated incident response decision making, provide powerful evidence capture, and give you full control and editing of your video recordings.


Increasingly, studies are showing that in various environments including NHS wards, retail, hospitality and public transport, wearing an overt body-worn camera greatly reduces the likelihood of verbal and physical assault against the wearer.  It changes peoples’ behaviour.

Streaming & Incident Management

As well as recording video and audio footage in high resolution, Reliance Protect’s range of body-worn cameras can stream live footage, viewable by authorised individuals within the customer organisation or in our BS5979 Category II Alarm Receiving Centre. Here incidents are monitored, live, by our skilled and experienced SIA licensed operators, enabling faster decisions on the most appropriate and effective course of action.


Ease of Use

The latest body-worn cameras are packed with technology, providing high definition video and audio recording, live stream options, RFID device assignment, WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity, and GPS. Despite such advanced capabilities, though, these cameras are small, lightweight and easy to use, with one-button-press recording and simple clothing attachments.


Full Control Over Your Video Footage

Video files are automatically uploaded and stored securely in the cloud for access via the secure, web-based VideoManager portal.  VideoManager provides simple to use yet powerful video editing tools and tiered user access permission levels, extensive reporting, along with easy dashboard management of users, body-worn cameras, and video footage.

VT 100

The VT100 packs all of the features of the VT50 in a slightly bigger, more overt form factor with the option of incorporating an ID badge card. It offers the same record and stream options as the VT50, via a simple button press, but has a wider range of clothing attachments and clips, and can record video for longer periods of time.

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The next generation body-worn camera. It offers the latest technologies including 1080p HD video, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, GPS, and supporting companion smartphone app.

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