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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence enables organisations to analyse data to deliver insights, trends and forecasting, helping organisations make informed decisions driving service delivery, value for money efficiencies, risk management, sustainability and growth.

We all know data is becoming a key to competitor advantage. Data analytics and business intelligence can help organisations optimize their performance, reduce costs, identify efficiencies, and aid better decision making.

It’s for these reasons we utilise business intelligence technologies within Reliance Protect and deliver business intelligence data to our customers.

Customers can access a range of reports within our Focus portal covering device usage, alarms raised, contract status, implementation status, and service delivery. Reports can be generated at any time delivering essentially real time data and can also be scheduled to be run at a frequency, and be sent to nominated staff, within our report scheduling tool.

Data is displayed in tables, charts and graphs and can be exported in a range of formats.

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We also go further and can automatically push our data securely into your own internal data analytics and business intelligence tools.  This includes common platforms such as Microsoft Power BI.

Have full management control and visibility of all key areas of the contract delivery all within your internal dashboards:

  • Overall spend and spend by department or specific cost code
  • Device allocation
  • Usage rates
  • Red Alert alarms and trends