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Red Alerts: Real Life Incidents

Incident Support 

Every device and app user can raise a quick and discrete Red Alert – this will be monitored by a skilled and experienced Reliance Operator, and where necessary escalated to emergency services. The Reliance Protect Operators in the Alarm Receiving Centre are highly trained to listen and monitor – each situation is unique and the dynamics of the situation may change, and not all will have people shouting or being aggressive. The user may be injured and the Man-Down detection has triggered the alarm.

When activating a Red Alert, the Monitor timer expires, or the Man-Down detection is triggered, the device or app user is reassured by the device’s heartbeat, which means that a Reliance Operator is listening and monitoring the situation, and the incident is being recorded. This allows the device user to try and focus on keeping safe reassured that we will escalate and get help if required, all the way through to the fast-tracked highest priority Police lone worker URN system if applicable.

No Red Alert alarm is closed without the Reliance Operator confirming the user is safe or the incident has been dealt with.  Key escalation contacts are also contacted and briefed on the incident.

After Incident Support 

Genuine Red Alert notifications are sent within minutes of the incident being closed giving a brief summary of the incident and a hyperlink to access and download the alarm audio. These are followed up with a detailed Post Incident Report within 48 hours, giving full details of the incident including recommendations. This is often a valuable document to help a customer’s internal processes when reviewing the incident.



11/06/2023 – Nurse Locked In Property

A Patient had locked a student nurse in the property and tried to physically assault the nurse. The student nurse was extremely fearful and raised a Red Alert. We escalated quickly to the Police via a Lone Worker URN. The Police were close by and attended the scene quickly.


11/05/2023 – Threat Of Physical Assault By Patient’s Relative

Two staff were visiting a patient in their home when a relative of the patient became aggressive. Worried about their safety due to the increased aggression, one of the staff raised the alarm on their lone worker device. The Reliance Operator quickly escalated the incident to the Police via the fast-tracked lone worker URN for a level 1 Police response. The situation was monitored until the Police arrived.  By this point, both staff had managed to exit safely out of the situation and had locked themselves in a car for protection.


03/03/2023 – Transporting An Aggressive Patient

A patient was in a vehicle with a device user and became agitated without warning. The driver immediately activated their lone worker device. The incident escalated as the patient tried to grab the steering wheel. The Reliance Protect Operator escalated the incident to the Police via the fast-tracked lone worker URN for a level 1 Police response. The device user focused on pulling over to avoid an accident knowing that the Reliance Protect Operator was dealing with the police escalation. The driver pulled the vehicle over to a safe place and restrained the patient, the Reliance Operator monitored the situation until the Police arrived.


18/10/2022 – Theft & Threatening Behaviour

Store assistants activated their body worn cameras and had to physically block the entrance to the store to stop a gang of youths entering. The youths pushed passed the staff and began to ransack the store and steal goods. The Reliance Protect Operator quickly escalated the incident to the Police and monitored the situation until they arrived.


07/09/2022 – Convenience Store Theft

A male entered the store in dark clothing and wearing a balaclava.  The store assistant activated the body worn camera and engaged the male as he was stealing goods and trying to exit the store. The Reliance Protect Operator escalated the situation to the Police and continued to monitor the situation till the Police arrived.


Housing Associations

26/07/2023 – Office-Based Incident Involving Threats With A Weapon

A female entered an office being verbally abusive towards a member of staff. The female then threatened the staff member with a large knife and at this point, the staff member activated her device. The staff member de-escalated the situation quickly and the female aggressor put down the knife and left the office.  We monitored the situation and contacted the user to confirm she was safe.  She instructed us not to contact the Police as she was safe and would contact the Police herself as she knew the aggressor.


12/06/2023 – Maintenance Worker Assault

A tenant had done some unauthorised work to their property. The maintenance worker went to inspect the property with a colleague to see what repairs were required. Once the maintenance workers entered the property, the tenant tried to attack them with a plank of wood. The maintenance worker raised a Red Alert on their device and we quickly escalated to the Police via a Lone Worker URN, and then attended promptly.


02/05/2023 – Residents Fighting

A lone worker activated their device when two residents in an Assisted Living property began to have a physical fight and felt under threat as they tried to separate them. Weapons were being used by the residents (planks of wood). The Reliance Operator quickly escalated the incident to the Police via the fast-tracked lone worker URN for a level 1 Police response. The lone worker managed to separate the residents and was advised by the Reliance Operator that the Police were on their way. The lone worker confirmed one of the residents had a nasty injury and the situation was monitored until the Police arrived.


06/03/2023 – Threat Of Physical Assault

Two staff activated both of their devices together and advised they were in a property in which the tenant was smashing things up and kicking the door down to gain entrance to the room they were in.  They were hiding in a cupboard. The Reliance Operator quickly escalated the incident to the Police via the fast-tracked lone worker URN for a level 1 Police response and monitored the situation until the Police arrived. The users confirmed the Police had arrived and the man was arrested. Significant damage had been caused to the property and vehicles in the car park.


13/01/2023 – Incident Closed Safely

A Housing Association maintenance worker was carrying out repairs for a difficult tenant. The situation escalated, and the worker felt it could turn physical. The red alert was raised when the tenant became aggressive and abusive and began to threaten the maintenance worker with his clenched fists. The situation was monitored and location details were verified. The maintenance worker maintained control of the situation and came out of the property, returning safely to his vehicle. The maintenance worker confirmed he was safe and did not require any further assistance.


30/01/2023 – Incident Closed Safely

A neighbourhood coach offering support and guidance to a tenant activated her red alert when the tenant became angry, leaving her feeling scared and uncomfortable. With her skills, she managed to calm the situation and leave the property. Once she was out of the property, the neighbourhood coach reset her device and confirmed her safety to our operator. The situation was monitored throughout, and location details were gathered ready to escalate if necessary.


10/02/2023 – High-Risk Visit

A Housing Officer was visiting a high-risk tenant (this information was left on the Update message before entering the location). The red alert was activated as the tenant was becoming irate and screaming at the Housing Officer – at this point, she felt unsafe. The situation calmed down quickly, however, the Reliance Operator did continue to monitor the situation due to the initial Update message indicating it was a high-risk visit. Once the Housing Officer had left the property, the Reliance Operator contacted them on their mobile to confirm that they were safe and distanced from the situation.


29/01/2023 – Fast-Tracked Police Response

A pooled device was used by two Response and Support Officers. The red alert was activated after a tenant became aggressive and threatening towards both Officers. The tenant in question was trying to barricade both officers in the property as they tried to leave. Police assistance was requested straight away and actioned by the Reliance Operator, and a Lone Worker Unique Reference Number (URN) was obtained. The situation was monitored as the two officers were still in the property and not able to leave. The Police arrived and dealt with the situation, and then the Reliance Operator contacted the device users to confirm they were safe. The escalation contacts were contacted and made aware of the situation, and also that Reliance Protect had escalated to the Police.

Local Councils

01/02/2023 – Anti Social Behaviour

A Civil Enforcement Officer found himself having to deal with a large number of young adults causing trouble in a car park. The Police had already been called by the device user, as there had been previous incidents in the last few days, and so the Police wanted to speak to the young adults. The red alert was monitored, and the escalations were contacted to advise of the ongoing situation. Police attended the site and dealt with the situation, and once the device user felt safe the device was reset.


22/02/2023 – Closed Safely

A Rent Officer activated a red alert, as the person she was visiting was intoxicated and said a few things that concerned her and ultimately made her feel unsafe. The situation was monitored throughout, and the tenant did get emotional a few times during the visit – however, there was no sign of aggression. When the device user left the property the alert was closed and the Reliance Protect operator called her on her mobile to confirm that she was now safe and away from the situation.


Enforcement Agencies

05/01/2023 – Police Given URN

An Arrest Officer activated a red alert as he was at a property to make an arrest, but was refused entry by the male in question who trapped the Arrest Officer’s foot in the door so he could not leave. The Reliance Operator contacted the Police obtaining a Lone Worker Unique Reference Number (URN) and advised of the severity of the situation – the Police treated this as the highest priority Level 1 response. The Police arrived quickly and dealt with the situation, contact was then made with the device user who confirmed he was safe.


Service Engineers

03/07/2023 – Vehicle Accident

A device user activated his device after being in a serious collision. The device user was distressed and in pain, and the other driver was aggressive and tried to force open the device user’s vehicle door. The device user managed to keep the door closed and therefore keep safe, and requested Police assistance. We escalated the situation to the Police and they promptly arrived to deal with the situation and support the injured device user.


19/03/2023 – Aggressive Behaviour from a Group Of Youths 

Whilst parked in a car park, a Service Engineer was confronted by a group of youths asking him to move his vehicle. They started filming the situation on their mobile phones. This made the lone worker feel under threat and at this point locked himself in the vehicle and activated his lone worker device. The Reliance Operator escalated the incident to the Police and monitored the situation until they arrived. Police attended and moved the group of youths on, and the device user confirmed they were safe and the incident closed down.

Facilities Letting Companies

10/02/2023 – Closed safely

The user-activated their device when several people refused to leave a site. They appeared to be underage and should not have been on the premises. The situation was calm but the device user felt unsafe due to the number of people involved, so the situation was monitored until they all left. The device user closed the alert and a call was made from the operator to the device user to confirm she was safe.