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Health & Social Care

Since 2009, Reliance Protect has been the leading provider of lone worker safety solutions to the health and social care sectors.  We have over 450 contracts with NHS Trusts throughout the UK, delivered through our NHS Frameworks.



Reliance Protect partnering NHS trusts


We have a proud history of delivering lone worker safety solutions to the NHS and social care organisations since 2009, either directly or via national Frameworks.  Delivering best value solutions and constantly meeting demanding service levels.

Over this time we have seen the increasing integration of community-based healthcare staff with social care staff as social care teams embrace our solutions, working side by side often visiting the same service users in sometimes difficult and challenging circumstances and in a variety of settings.

We understand the challenges NHS Trusts and Local Authorities face. Multiple field-based teams are often covering large geographic areas, juggling increasing pressures to deliver 24/7 services with constant budgetary pressures.  Our solutions have evolved significantly over the last 13 years or so based on these unique factors, whether that’s supporting your local team leaders and managers, developing easy-to-access e-learning courses, or through integrating our data and management information centrally into your data business analytics systems.

We have over 450 contracts with NHS Trustsand private sector healthcare providers with long standing partnerships with some of the biggest NHS Trusts in the UK.  We provide lone worker safety solutions for staff out in the community, visiting service users in their homes.  We also provide body worn cameras for in-patient staff onwards in mental health trusts and Trust-wide security staff.




‘Over the last few years, in line with our community transformation agenda, we have increased to over 3,000 lone worker devices to keep our most at-risk workers safe. This, coupled with the ongoing rollout of over 500 body worn cameras to frontline in-patient clinical teams, greatly supports our Violence Prevention and Reduction Strategy within the organisation.’  Head of Safety, Security and Resilience