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The VT100 packs all of the features of the VT50 in a slightly bigger, more overt form factor with the option of incorporating an ID badge card.

The VT100 offers the same record and stream options as the VT50, via a simple button press, but has a wider range of clothing attachments and clips, and can record video for longer periods of time.

The VT100 can be assigned to staff via RFID, often using existing staff ID cards, providing a full audit trail showing who has used the camera.





‘Just completed a body worn trial for a NHS ward that was facing huge challenges with abuse. They followed the guidance set on correct protocol usage from a staff perspective, and effective communication with Reliance Protect working with them, producing bespoke posters for the public to understand why they have body worn video and the events it will be used in. This prevented escalation of eight separate situations in a one month period.’

Outpatients Senior Sister






Easy to use record buttons with LED and haptic feedback giving recording status.

Live video and audio streaming

Optional live video and audio streaming into our BS5979 Category II 24/7/365 Alarm Receiving Centre. Optional live video and audio streaming back into the customer organisation


Video and audio uploads

Automatic upload of video and audio via WiFi or networked charging dock. Users cannot access encrypted video recordings via the camera

Charging dock options

Single-camera or 14-camera charging dock accessory

Design & Technology:

Lightweight and comfortable

72g – lightweight design with multiple clip attachment options.


80mm x 51mm x 22mm.

ID cards

RFID assignment of device to staff through existing ID cards with custom branded ID Card options.


Wide lens capture angle.

Excellent battery life

Excellent battery life with three-month standby.