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Delivering Real Value & Innovation

May 23, 2024 by Chris Allcard

When it comes to lone worker safety solutions, the Lone Worker Devices & Apps grab the headlines. Clearly, these are important, it’s how users interact with the service, and when you have an award winning device like our ID Ultra packed full of the latest technology, why wouldn’t you want to shout about it?

When you look behind the personal safety devices and apps though, it’s the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and services wrapped around them that binds the solutions together.

This then leads us to the question, how do you measure the value your current provider delivers?

  1. Do your staff actually use the services daily?
  2. Do you feel you get real value from your current provider?
  3. Has the provider delivered further innovation during the contract?

We put as much effort into our alarm handling and support services as we do to develop leading-edge devices and apps.  We are proud of the service we deliver, and we measure how we are performing, week on week, through internal data reporting and customer feedback.

Based on feedback and data over the last 6 months, the stats speak for themselves…

We also lead the market in the levels of usage shown by our clients. So, here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you have utilisation rates of your devices and apps over 70% month on month?
  • Does your current provider take a proactive approach to help you embed the solution with your staff?
  • Do they work with you to set up compliance metrics and deliver detailed reporting to ensure you can manage compliance thereafter?
  • Do they work with your managers and users to help drive their buy-in and engagement?

If you are looking to provide safe working environments for your staff, with the highest levels of user engagement, service delivery and proactive support, contact our team of lone worker and body worn camera experts today –