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Compact, dust and water resistant, Pulse is styled as a key fob, allowing it to be worn or carried discreetly.

Its large SOS alarm button makes it simple and easy to call for assistance when necessary. Excellent battery life and GPS location performance, coupled with impact detection, further add to its convenience.

Pulse’s discreet form factor, impact detection, and IP66 rating make it the ideal device for a range of mobile and lone working applications including public facing staff, engineers, and logistics and transport.

Pulse is BS8484:2016 certified.


Red Alert

Generate a two-way audio call with the Reliance Protect Alarm Receiving Centre whenever you feel at risk or want assistance

Update voice memo (previously known as Amber Alert)

Leave verbal update recordings with our Alarm Receiving Centre, detailing location, nature of risks and tasks to be performed.

Fall and impact detection options

Pulse can detect falls and impacts, go into a pre-alarm stage and then escalate into a Red Alert alarm on the user’s behalf if the user is incapacitated.

Simple and clear device status LEDs

Easy to understand LEDs display the device status for battery charge and mobile phone signal strength, and GPS location status.

User feedback via discreet vibration patterns

Pulse also confirms certain actions through vibration patterns such as alarm activations and check in timer overdue.

Convenient charging dock and micro-USB charging socket

Just drop Pulse into the charging dock and the LED light on the dock will tell you when it’s fully charged.  Adding a micro-USB socket adds convenience to allow charging if out and about.

Design & Technology:

Assisted GPS location technology

GPS generates accurate location information outdoors to help us get assistance to you.

Roaming SIM card option

Maximise the mobile phone coverage with a roaming sim card.  ID Ultra will look to find the network with the strongest signal in areas where coverage may be poor.

Water resistant - IP66 water and dust ingress resistance

The Pulse is tough enough to withstand day to day exposure to the elements.

Great battery life

The Pulse will give upto 3 days battery life between charging, easily lasting longer than a working day.

Lightweight and comfortable

At only 35g Pulse is lightweight and the keyfob design ensures it can be worn without distracting you.

Wearable with lanyard or keyring

Convenient to wear with either a lanyard or keyring.