ID Ultra

Discreet, contemporary-looking and easy to use, Reliance Protect ID Ultra is our next-generation lone worker personal safety device.

Our ID Ultra personal safety device was awarded the Best Use Of Technology accolade at the British Security Industry Association Awards 2021.


Building on the success of previous Reliance ID products, ID Ultra incorporates the latest technologies to set new standards in lone worker device performance and usability.

ID Ultra’s ID badge holder form factor remains the most discreet option to raise alarms for people at risk of aggression from others. The device’s waterproof IP67 rating, fall and impact detection and enhanced timer-based check in and out capability make it a great choice for those working in more challenging, isolated environments presenting risks associated with traditional slips, trips and falls.

Dual locating technology employing both WiFi and GPS is a first in lone worker safety devices, allowing ID Ultra to provide location positions quickly when users are indoors, where a traditional lone worker safety device, solely relying on GPS, would struggle.

ID Ultra is BS8484:2016 certified.


Red Alert

Generate a two-way audio call with the Reliance Protect Alarm Receiving Centre whenever you feel at risk or want assistance.

Update voice memo (previously known as Amber Alert)

Leave verbal update recordings with our Alarm Receiving Centre, detailing location, nature of risks and tasks to be performed.

Fall and impact detection options

ID Ultra can detect falls and impacts, go into a pre-alarm stage and then escalate into a Red Alert alarm on the user’s behalf if the user is incapacitated.

Monitor check in and out options

Users can check in and out covering situations of heightened risk.  This could be a task with say a 30 minute timer, to covering a whole 9 hour shift.  If the user doesn’t check out, the Alarm Receiving Centre will proactively contact the user and check they are safe.  This function works even when the ID Ultra is out of mobile phone coverage.

Simple and clear device status LEDs

Easy to understand LEDs display the device status for battery charge and mobile phone signal strength, GPS location status, and whether the check in and/or fall and impact detection monitoring is active.

User feedback via discreet vibration patterns

ID Ultra also confirms certain actions through vibration patterns such as alarm activations and check in timer overdue.

Convenient charging dock and waterproof micro-USB charging socket

Just drop ID Ultra into the charging dock and the LED light on the dock will tell you when it’s fully charged.  Adding a micro-USB socket adds convenience to allow charging if out and about.

Design & Technology

Advanced GPS and WiFi location

Get the best of both worlds! GPS generates accurate location information outdoors and WiFi generates accurate locations when indoors.

Roaming SIM card option

Maximise the mobile phone coverage with a roaming sim card.  ID Ultra will look to find the network with the strongest signal in areas where coverage may be poor.

Water proof - IP67 water and dust ingress protection

No need to protect the ID Ultra from the elements.  ID Ultra can be submerged in water to 1m depth for over 30 mins and still function when removed.

Bluetooth connectivity

ID Ultra is future-proofed with Bluetooth connectivity opening the possibility of connecting with smartphone and devices such as cameras and health monitoring wearables.

Excellent battery life

The ID Ultra will give upto 4 days battery life between charging minimising the risk of running out of charge when you need it.

Lightweight and comfortable

At only 80g ID Ultra is lightweight and the slim design ensures it can be worn without distracting you.

Wearable with lanyard or lapel clip

ID Ultra is designed to replace your existing ID badge holder.