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Reliance wins ‘Best Use of Technology’ at the British Security Awards 2021.

When locating lone workers in emergency situations every second counts.

Thanks to its pioneering use of Wi-Fi, Reliance Protect’s ID Ultra has been hailed as a game-changer in personal safety.

Having been nominated as a finalist in the ‘Best Use of Technology’ category at the British Security Awards a few weeks ago, we are pleased to announce that on the 30th of June we won this prestigious national award!

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is a well-established locating technology that continues to evolve and has been incorporated into personal safety devices for many years, helping to protect lone workers who may be at risk. However, as GPS typically needs to have a line of sight to a minimum of four satellites, built-up areas can cause problems and when a wearer is indoors it is either inaccurate or does not work at all.


By integrating Wi-Fi location technology alongside GPS functionality, we knew that we could offer the best of both worlds. An industry first, ID Ultra scans and reads Wi-Fi networks and wireless access points, sends information into Google location servers, which then respond with a location.

The more Wi-Fi networks and access points ID Ultra can see, the better its location tracking, especially when using a premium service such as Google. Simply put, Wi-Fi location technology delivers accurate indoor and outdoor locations.


Combined with Wi-Fi location technology, ID Ultra is genuinely waterproof with an IP67 rating (can be held in water at a depth of 1m for 30 mins without causing damage), has a greatly improved day to day battery life, convenient charging dock, and inclusion of Bluetooth. This blend of technology and features make ID Ultra the new benchmark in lone worker safety devices.

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