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Reliance Protect maximises value for Bromford

Established over 50 years ago and working throughout central and south-west England, Bromford is a business with a social purpose. As well as providing customers with affordable homes, Bromford also offers a range of services that aim to coach customers to identify and fulfil aspirations with the aim of building vibrant, strong and sustainable communities.

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Social Housing May 23, 2024

Delivering on-going value and benefits

Working with us since September 2016, Bromford has around 600 Reliance Protect personal safety devices in service. Activity levels are high, with over 22,000 amber alerts being logged each month. These provide the Reliance Protect Monitoring Centre with key information about users’ planned activities, helping them deliver assistance quickly and effectively whenever it is required.

Reliance Protect has worked closely with Bromford over the past two years, helping them build robust, pragmatic staff safety processes and policies, spot and address issues and opportunities quickly and effectively, and maximise effective personal safety device usage across their user base.

A unique approach

Service providers typically appoint sales people to manage their customers. Reliance Protect, probably uniquely in the lone worker safety sector, appoints Account Development Managers to strategically manage customers, and also Key Account Managers, responsible for helping customers get best value from its services day to day.

Key account manager

Reliance Protect’s Key Account Manager for Bromford since October 2017, Katrina Wilkinson works closely with the company in various areas, including identifying, devising and promoting good working practices and structures, maintaining and enhancing focus on device usage rates, and establishing and monitoring benchmarks.

Every six to seven weeks, Katrina meets Bromford’s Health and Safety Manager to review device usage rates within the company, gaps in user understanding and activity, and other key metrics. Through this close working relationship, Katrina has helped Bromford secure an ongoing stream of actionable insights, driving diverse improvements within the company and continually enhancing the value delivered by Reliance Protect’s service.

Katrina is on hand to identify and address any issues that may arise with Bromford’s use of Reliance Protect’s devices and service. For example, should usage rates drop off, she will work directly with the team concerned to discover the reason for the issue and help them resolve it.

Continually adding value

Reliance Protect’s Key Account Manager approach is an example of the proactive stance the company adopts with all its customers.

By establishing and maintaining a close, proactive relationship with each customer, Reliance Protect is able to identify issues and opportunities early on, helping to create effective responses to them. In this way Reliance Protect continually adds value across the entire contract period.

Reliance Protect becomes a true extension to the customer’s team. In Bromford’s case, this has resulted in outstanding device usage levels. Users rapidly establish the habit of logging key information with the Reliance Protect Monitoring Centre via amber alerts, so that, should they need to raise a red alert, better assistance can be delivered more rapidly, protecting both the user concerned and Bromford as an organisation.

Meanwhile, Katrina has developed enhanced management reports in conjunction with Bromford. These new bespoke reports provide deeper insight into device usage and Reliance Protect’s delivery performance – insights which are further enhanced by Katrina’s work with Bromford in understanding and applying the contents of each report.

Katrina’s been a huge help, especially on the reporting side. She listened to our needs and created a bespoke report showing all our key metrics; it’s been invaluable.

Andy Griffiths, Health and Safety Manager, Bromford