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Reliance Protect delivered for School Lettings Management Solutions for Schools

School Lettings Solutions (SLS) is a UK schools lettings management specialist. The company provides services to help schools hire their facilities out to local community groups, a popular way for schools to raise additional funds, as well as to better integrate with and serve their local areas.

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Health & Social Care April 17, 2024

Why did School Lettings Solutions employees need Reliance Protect?

Based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, SLS employs Sports and Leisure Assistants across the UK. These Sports and Leisure Assistants are responsible for making school facilities available to community groups which have hired them out – unlocking and locking up, managing equipment, and addressing issues that may arise.

The Sports and Leisure Assistants may be exposed to various risks. Working with unknown members of the public, they face the risk of aggressive or threatening behaviour. They may also suffer accidents or injuries, perhaps as they set up or pack away equipment.

Taking staff safety and security very seriously SLS engaged Reliance Protect in 2013, through the NHS Framework Agreement, to augment its existing staff safety programme. Since then, SLS has relied on Reliance Protect for services to give its Sports and Leisure Assistants the backup and security they need.

A comprehensive, fully managed service

At the heart of Reliance Protect’s solution for SLS lie the ID Badge device and the Reliance Protect Monitoring Centre.

Each Sports and Leisure Assistant is given an ID Badge, a powerful but discreet personal safety device. Styled as a traditional lanyard ID badge holder, the device provides advanced geo-location capabilities, incapacitation detection, alert buttons and two way audio connectivity with the Reliance Protect Monitoring Centre.

Should the user suffer injury or feel threatened, they can press the ID Badge’s Red Alert button. The devices opens an audio channel with the option of 2-way audio, with the Reliance Protect Monitoring Centre and sends its geo-location information. The highly experienced Monitoring Centre staff assess the situation and respond accordingly. Responses range from simple situation monitoring to the Highest Level 1 Police alerts.

With the Amber Alert button users can augment their usual dynamic risk assessment, leaving a voice message with the Monitoring Centre detailing their location and planned activities, and any apparent or potential risks. This will help Monitoring Centre staff decide how to handle any subsequent Red Alert.

ID Badge also detects falls and incapacitation, automatically alerting the Monitoring Centre, whose staff will arrange assistance.

You are never alone with Reliance Protect

Because of the seasonal nature of schools’ community lettings, individual SLS customer contracts come and go frequently, and there is brisk staff turnover among the Sports and Leisure Assistants. Reliance Protect has therefore structured its service so that ID Badge devices can be quickly and easily redeployed from individual to individual.

Quarterly face-to-face review meetings allow issues to be raised, discussed and resolved, and keep SLS up to date on new service features from Reliance Protect. SLS can also contact their Reliance Protect Account Manager or the Reliance Protect Service Desk for assistance.

A Train-the-Trainer package was provided for SLS Regional Managers, with each Manager training their Sports and Leisure Assistants on how to use the service. This training is backed by on-demand e-learning resources, keeping SLS staff up to date in ID Badge capabilities and it’s correct usage.

Meanwhile, management reporting highlights each Sports and Leisure Assistant’s ID Badge usage, providing SLS with valuable insights and actionable information.

Staff safety simplified

Before engaging Reliance Protect, SLS operated a “buddy” system, with managers calling Sports and Leisure Assistants to make sure all was well with them. Reliance Protect’s ID Badge service has simplified remote staff management, made the buddy system redundant, and significantly enhanced protection and peace of mind for the Sports and Leisure Assistants.

By implementing Reliance Protect solutions, SLS have markedly reduced the corporate risks associated with employing a mobile and remote workforce.

Reliance Protect’s rigorous reporting and event logging means that should an incident occur, the necessary information and evidence is available to SLS, avoiding need to assess one person’s word against another’s.

Reliance have made a huge difference. They've been utterly dependable and they've delivered great service. Managing our Sports and Leisure Assistants and keeping them safe is so much easier than before. I'm not sure how we ever managed without Reliance Protect.

Jackie Latu, Managing Director