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Reliance Protect's personal safety devices

Reliance Protect constantly assesses the latest lone worker devices, selecting best in class technology to cover all of your lone working safety needs.



Compact, and dust and water resistant, Pulse is styled as a key fob, allowing it to be worn or carried discreetly. Its large SOS alarm button makes it simple and easy to call for assistance when necessary. Excellent battery life and GPS location performance, coupled with non-movement and impact detection, further add to its convenience.

Pulse’s discreet form factor, non-movement and impact detection, and IP66 rating make it the ideal device for a range of mobile and lone working applications including public facing staff, engineers, and logistics and transport.

Key Features:

  • Discreet key fob design
  • Easy to use SOS button
  • Direct connection to our BS5979 Category II 24/7/365 Monitoring Centre
  • Non-movement and impact detection
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Assisted GPS
  • Easy charging with docking station
  • Excellent battery life
  • Lightweight – just 35g

Example Applications:

  • NHS community care workers
  • Social care workers
  • Enforcement officers
  • Debt collection
  • Probation staff
  • Surveyors
  • Logistics and transport staff
  • Engineers
  • Maintenance staff


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ID Badge
ID Badge

The Reliance Protect ID badge personal safety device is the most discreet device available to use. It is the latest and third generation of the most popular device in the UK with Reliance Protect deploying more than 80,000 over the last 9 years.

The discreet form factor makes it the personal safety device of choice for staff in public facing roles at risk of verbal and physical aggression.

  • Red Alert alarm initiating 2 way audio call into the Reliance Protect ARC
  • Amber alert pre-activation audio message recording
  • Advanced GPS technologies
  • Man-down option
  • Monitor timer based check in/out options
  • Communicates to users through discreet vibration patterns and LCD screen
  • Roaming sim card option
  • Integrated with the Mobile Workforce Management Platform

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Loner M6/M6i

The Loner M6 personal safety device is purposely designed for more demanding environments through features such as rugged design, loud audio prompts, highly visible LEDs and robust latch/button, and man-down and safety timer features.

Optional Loner Beacons enable the Loner M6 devices to provide accurate indoor locations whilst powerful assisted GPS and roaming sim cards provide reassurance outdoors.

There are also intrinsically safe and satellite communication variants to cover all of your more demanding remote worker safety needs.

Key features:

  • Red Alert alarm with 2 way audio call into the Reliance Protect ARC
  • Assisted GPS
  • Extensive man-down options for fall detection and non-movement
  • Safety timer options
  • Rugged design and ease of use in physically demanding environments
  • Loud audio and bright LED device status indicators
  • Water proof
  • Indoor location option
  • Integration with online portal including real time mapping

Example Applications:
  • Mobile engineers
  • Staff in remote areas on large sites such as manufacturing, warehousing, plants, laboratories
  • Mobile Utility workers
  • Maintenance staff

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Identicom Mobile

Identicom™ Mobile is designed for smartphones and rugged PDA's and shares the same key features as the Identicom™. Identicom™ Mobile is available on the Android, iPhone and Blackberry platforms and is BS 8484 accredited (excludes iPhone).

Identicom™ Mobile is designed for staff who are exposed to relatively low levels of, and low frequency of exposure to, risks associated with lone working. Identicom™ Mobile also negates the need to carry a separate personal safety device.

Key features:

  • Red Alert alarm initiating 2 way audio call into the Reliance Protect ARC
  • Amber alert pre-activation audio message recording
  • GPS (smartphone dependant)
  • Limited man-down option
  • Safety timer option
  • Integration with the Mobile Workforce Management Platform

Example Applications:

  • Financial advisors
  • Estate Agents
  • Mobile Assessors and Auditors
  • Engineers
  • Logistics staff

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