Health & Social Care

Safety risks to lone workers in health
and social care sectors

Reliance Protect is the leading provider of lone worker protection solutions to the health and social care sectors. We have twice been selected as the single supplier to deliver the NHS Lone Worker Framework Agreement, one of the largest contracts of its kind anywhere in the world. In addition, we protect staff working in vital social care roles, increasingly integrated with healthcare services, in difficult and challenging circumstances and in a variety of settings.

How are lone workers at risk in the health and welfare sector

It is widely recognised and accepted that lone working staff within this sector face increased risks, in part because many do not have immediate support of colleagues or onsite security staff. Health or social care lone workers may not be able to extricate themselves from a situation, particularly if they are in someone’s home. They may be working in a high crime area or an isolated rural location; or they may be working at night, away from a main infrastructure, therefore effectively alone. In their role, they may be in possession of equipment or drugs that might be attractive to undesirables and who, in some cases, might turn to abuse or violence to achieve this.