Health & Social Care

Safety risks to lone and mobile workers
in health and social care sectors

Reliance Protect is the leading provider of lone worker safety solutions to the health and social care sectors. We were selected as the single supplier to deliver the two previous NHS Lone Worker Framework Agreement under NHS Protect, two of the largest contracts of their kind anywhere in the world. We have now been selected to offer our solutions via a NHS Supply Chain Framework. 2019 marks 10 years for us providing leading edge lone worker safety solutions via NHS Frameworks.

We have also seen the increasing integration of community based healthcare staff with social care staff as social care teams embrace our solutions, working side by side often visiting the same service users in sometimes difficult and challenging circumstances and in a variety of settings.

How are lone workers at risk in the health and social care sectors

It is widely recognised and accepted that lone working and mobile staff within this sector face increased risks, in part because many do not have immediate support of colleagues or onsite security staff. On a national level there is a new NHS Violence Reduction Strategy aimed at reducing the alarmingly high levels of assaults and abuse NHS staff are subjected to day in day out. Health and social care lone workers may not be able to extricate themselves from a situation easily, often in service users homes sometimes in challenging situations with the service user and relatives or friends. They may be working in a high crime area or an isolated rural location; or they may be working at night without the support of colleagues and back office. In their role, they may be in possession of equipment such as laptops, smartphones and tablets and/or drugs and medication that may make them a target for theft.

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