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Body Worn Camera Trial with Leading NHS Trust

May 23, 2024

Since launching our new range of Body-Worn video solutions, we have undertaken a highly successful large-scale NHS trial of body-worn cameras across multiple in-patient sites. For this we partnered with a leading, large NHS Trust who provide mental health, learning disabilities and neuro-rehabilitation services

The trial consisted of a mixture of our VT50 and VT100 devices across 3 sites for a period of 6 months. The cameras were set in incident record mode only with no live streaming either internally within the Trust or to the Reliance Protect Monitoring Centre.

Reliance Protect provided comprehensive onsite training for all users and managers. Also, as part of the trial, comprehensive support materials were created for the Trust’s staff, to ensure everyone felt comfortable using the devices ahead. The Trust ensured all patients plus their relatives and/or visitors were also fully informed ahead of the trial.

The site managers were trained and given access to the secure online VideoManager portal to access only their site’s cameras and recordings made. The Central project managers were also trained and given access to the secure online VideoManager portal to access all 3 sites.

Device utilisation rates across all 3 sites was great with over 9,420 video files created during the trial. Key recordings fell into the broad categories of evidence capture and future training materials (examples of good practice).

Part of the trial also included the simple to use RFID device allocation technology. Staff can be allocated a specific device by placing their existing staff ID cards on an optional RFID card reader.  This technology provides transparency and an audit trail of who had which device and when they had it. The Trust found this extremely useful to help with the ongoing control and management of their camera estate.

By the end of the trial users were clear on the following benefits:

  • Staff were more confident when wearing the cameras*
  • Staff felt safer when wearing the cameras
  • Staff felt wearing the cameras provided reassurance to both staff and patients

*General preference was for the smaller VT50 camera to its small size, light weight, and secure clip attachment.

Overwhelmingly staff took the view they would like the Trust to invest in permanent body-worn camera solutions.

Reliance Protect devotes considerable resources to assessing and understanding new lone worker safety technologies and the benefits they can offer. Contact us today to discover how body-worn video could enhance your lone worker safety. Call 01977 696649 or email