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ID Ultra Sets New Standards in Lone Worker Safety

April 17, 2024

At Reliance Protect we live and breath lone worker safety, so we’re excited to announce our brand new, next-generation ID Ultra device, which incorporates the latest technologies to set new standards and deliver a range of benefits to users across diverse lone working applications.

Discrete, sleek and contemporary looking, ID Ultra uses the proven ID badge holder form factor to help protect individuals at risk of aggression from others. ID Ultra also protects against hazards in the working environment, with its IP67 rating, enhanced timer-based check in and out features, and incapacitation detection. The device is a direct replacement for our existing Reliance ID product, and offers customers and users several key benefits.

Location Positioning

ID Ultra uses GPS and WiFi – the former to identify the user’s location when they are outside, and the latter when they are indoors.

Many lone workers face risks and raise alarms requesting monitoring when they are indoors. ID Ultra’s WiFi indoor location capability allows the Reliance Protect Alarm Receiving Centre to obtain location information quickly, where traditional lone worker GPS-only devices struggle to obtain any position at all.

With these two technologies working together – we believe a first for lone worker personal safety devices – users can be swiftly located whether indoors or out.


Setting the bar for lone worker devices with its IP67 rating, ID Ultra is dust resistant and essentially waterproof. To gain this IP rating, independent laboratory testing was performed on samples, submerging them in water to a depth of 1m for a minimum of 30 minutes. For additional reassurance the test lab also performed testing for the next IP water ingress rating down. This is a lesser requirement but involves spraying the devices, simulating heavy rain. Again, ID Ultra easily passed this test.

Users can wear their devices at all times with confidence, indoors or outdoors, even in heavy rain, without fear of damage. Most other lone worker devices need to be kept dry and protected from the elements. Key features include a waterproof micro-USB socket, speaker and microphone.


ID Ultra’s Bluetooth technology facilitates integration with other devices, such as wearables and peripheral devices, opening up a wealth of opportunities for the future. Embedding Bluetooth at the outset will allow customers to take advantage of these developments as we launch them, without having to upgrade devices mid-contract.

Enhanced Battery Life

We would always encourage users to charge their lone worker devices every day. However, leveraging advanced battery and power management technologies, ID Ultra delivers a typical battery life of three to four days, giving users confidence it can be utilised in a wide variety of demanding working environments without running out of charge. Charging is via an easy-to-use dock – just drop your ID Ultra in the dock and it will charge automatically, taking a full charge in around two hours.

Excellent Ergonomics

We’ve worked hard to improve user experience with ID Ultra. The device is simple and intuitive to use, with easy to identify buttons which are tactile in operation. Simple LEDs provide information on WiFi and GPS position status, battery charge level, mobile network signal, and whether or not an alarm call is currently under way.

For the majority of users there will be no learning curve. Those who have previously used Reliance ID devices will find ID Ultra familiar and easy to migrate to.

Next Generation Device, Same Price

ID Ultra is the next step in lone worker personal safety devices, taking advantage of the latest technologies to give users enhanced features. Through careful design and supply chain management, we have launched this at the same price point as its predecessor, further maximising value for money for our customers.

Contact us to find out more about ID Ultra and how it can help you get the best from your Reliance Protect Lone Worker protection solution: or 01977 696649.