Retail workers are not immune to risk

From out-of-town retail parks and motorway services to local convenience shops and high-end department stores, Reliance Protect is the UK’s number one lone worker protection system trusted by leading retailers to safeguard their employees.

Retail workers are
increasingly facing threat

Robberies, violence and assaults on UK retail sector staff are unfortunately continuing to escalate. Every minute of the shopping day, an employee is attacked or threatened, which cost the sector £1.6 billion in 2013, according to the British Retail Consortium Survey. As shopping habits have become more varied and complex, so has the pattern of retail crime. From opportunist shoplifters to organised armed gangs, extra care is essential to safeguard vulnerable retail staff in a wide range of situations.

Extended opening hours, reduced late-night staffing and aggressive customers can add to the problems. Night staff must get to and from work at times when travel is more hazardous, and opening and closing stores can put staff at increased risk. Keyholders, shift workers, delivery drivers, petrol attendants, late-night pharmacists, off licensees, high-value goods merchants, rural store staff, estate agents, mobile sales reps and countless retail employees can regularly find themselves alone in compromising situations.