Transport, Logistics & Distribution

Lone working drivers within the transport, logistics, and distribution industries face the risks of verbal and physical aggression on a daily basis

Targeting lorries with valuable cargo is on the rise. Items such as alcohol, cigarettes, high value electronics goods and branded clothing are high on the criminals’ list.

According to the International Road Transport Union, 1 in 6 truck drivers have suffered attacks. Hijacking, theft of the vehicle and theft of goods has a huge financial impact for example higher insurance premiums, costs to replace the vehicle, customer failed delivers, etc.  Importantly there is also the human cost element, the physical assaults, the stress, long hours working alone and often overnight.

Drivers and frontline staff delivering the public transport services on the buses, trains, tube and trams are subject to verbal, racial and physical threats from abusive and disgruntled customers on a daily basis.

Incidents can be driven by anti social behaviour, drugs and alcohol, road rage, staff carrying cash, and simply passengers that are angry.  One recent study found that the risks associated with angry passengers was highest in the afternoon and early evening when passengers were returning from work, particularly if they have had a long wait.

The impact of injuries, stress, low morale, high levels of sickness and absence, has a high human and financial cost ultimately leading to companies in this sector struggling to recruit.

Our personal safety devices packaged with GPS and WiFi location technologies enable staff to safely raise alarms, open voice channels with our ARC staff to enable us to understand and monitor the situation, be quickly located, and quickly get help.  Our body worn cameras are highly effective in providing a visible and overt deterrent, changing people’s behaviour towards staff.  Live streaming of the situation back in to our ARC enables our operators to see and hear what’s happening, with the recording providing powerful evidence.