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Transport, Logistics & Distribution

Lone working drivers within the transport, logistics, and distribution industries face the risks of verbal and physical aggression on a daily basis.

Targeting lorries with valuable cargo is on the rise, with items such as alcohol, cigarettes, high value electronics goods and branded clothing being high on the criminals’ list. The increase in lorry crime is a contributing factor to the UK lorry driving shortage, an issue currently being addressed by the UK Government. The below stats from the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service showcase the daily dangers that drivers encounter when transporting goods.

According to the International Road Transport Union, 1 in 6 truck drivers has suffered attacks. Hijacking, theft of the vehicle and theft of goods has a huge financial impact on higher insurance premiums, costs to replace the vehicle, customer failed deliveries, etc. Importantly there is also the human cost element, the physical assaults, the stress, and long hours working alone that often involve overnight journeys.

Our body worn camera solutions provide live streams of the situation into our 24/7/365 Alarm Receiving Centre along with a live GPS location feed. As well as providing a live video feed of the situation to enable the most rapid assessment of the situation and potential escalation options, the recorded video is hugely powerful evidence.