Social Housing

Risks to lone workers in social housing

Benefit cuts and the bedroom tax are adding to the burden on housing association landlords and especially frontline housing staff, while the Universal Credit welfare reforms are set to further increase the pressure.  An Inside Housing survey in 2012 indicated a sharp increase in both physical and verbal attacks against frontline staff, with 8 incidents per day and many involving extreme violence.

The natural consequence is often an increase in the occurrences of stress amongst staff resulting in illness and absenteeism. Recent statistics from the Health & Safety Executive show the prevalence of stress across the UK with 428,000 reported cases of work-related illnesses. One of the highest rates of work-related stress was found to be among social workers. The safety of frontline officers, especially those working alone, cannot be neglected. Reliance Protect is trusted to protect tens of thousands of lone workers across the UK, many of them in the Social Housing sector.”