Unfortunately, similar to the trend seen in other sectors, assaults against frontline housing staff are increasing

Inside Housing conducted a survey in 2019 and found that assaults had increased by 10% over the previous 12 months.  25,519 staff surveyed reported 2,006 incidents of abuse.  That’s 7.9 assaults per 100 staff.

They concluded that Welfare reform agenda, social media and mental health concerns were the main drivers for this increase.

We work with over 30 social housing providers, from some of the biggest to the smaller organisations.  Staff in areas such as maintenance and repairs, tenant liaison, key workers, income all benefit from being able to raise alarms safely and discreetly, allowing us to monitor and escalate where necessary to get them help when they need it.  Increasingly we are starting to see our body worn camera solutions being deployed.  The visible deterrence and de escalation effects of wearing such cameras, and evidence capture, are proving powerful tools in keeping key frontline staff safe.