Banking & Finance

Workers in banking and finance can be vulnerable

Banking and financial services employees can encounter risks associated with working alone, be they in senior positions, those working in branches, employees who visit customers in their homes, or transit security guards. Reliance Protect provides a range of devices, empowering employees to feel inherently safer.

How Reliance Protect helps financial services workers

Reliance Protect ensures staff can be located via GPS over a mobile network when the user discreetly alerts our remote monitoring centre to a threat ensuring no suspicion is raised.

By listening to and capturing everything that takes place during an incident, our trained monitoring staff can respond appropriately, depending on the severity of the situation, including informing the emergency services, alerting colleagues or supervisors, and archiving recordings as evidence for any future legal action. Reliance Protect’s staff have been meticulously trained to handle every situation properly in order to protect lone workers.

The range of Reliance Protect devices and applications feature a number of different functions and designs, which are designed to suit different circumstances and environments.