A Lone Worker is Never Alone

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Reliance Protect is the most secure and robust provider of end-to-end lone worker protection solutions across the UK with over 50,000 users.

Our range of personal safety devices are linked to our 24/7 dedicated monitoring centre – the most accredited and compliant in Europe.  Using GSM and GPS technology, our devices incorporate audio channels to connect you to our monitoring centre.  Our team can pinpoint your precise location and alert the emergency services while capturing and recording everything that takes place.

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Reliance Protect is the chosen lone worker protection solution for public sector organisations.  Competitively tendered to create a framework agreement, this trusted package of services including device or application, airtime, 24/7 monitoring, training and support is all-inclusively priced from just £5.80 a month.

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We offer a range of Reliance Protect devices and smart phone applications with different designs, features and functionality enabling you to choose exactly the right solution for your lone workers.


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